Weevento is a different way of living and remembering unforgettable experiences by sharing moments before, during and after an event with a memory generator, with just one click


How does it work


1. Generate an event and notify to the guests


Generate a We event through the App or the web


Personalize it and choose if you want your Wevers, they will be your reference administrators

Activate the We and notify to the guests


 2. Share photos, notes, … and generate your memories


Guests access and share photos, notes, comments, …


Depending on the degree of confidence you choose, the moments are displayed in real time or will be validated first by the reference administrators (the Wevers)


Choose your favorite moments, the format and … generate your memories!



Everything you can do in Weevento




  • Create events and share them with you so you can upload photos or notes to the We cloud, send comments, likes.


  • Here if you are wrong nothing happens, you can edit the comments, correct an error or delete a photo that should not upload.


  • The administrator can configure the customized event: color, type of letter, photo or logo, labels of the guests, degree of confidence of the event …


  • The administrator decides, everything goes up in real time or someone will have to validate it first (a trip of friends is not the same as a company event)


  • The administrator delegates, chooses who will be their trusted users in the event, the reference administrators in that We, we will call them Wevers.


  • You can put a screen, a television, a videowall connected to Weevento, where the guests will see in real time what they are uploading to the We


  • The guests, within that event, can chat with each other privately, or among several, without needing to know each other. It is a very useful communication channel for corporate events or institutions


  • You do not have to share personal data. Every guest chooses their photo and name for every We (you choose who you want to be in every event)


  • There is a memory generator. With everything that the guests have shared, or with what you choose, with the format you want (a video, a collage or an album) you generate a personalized memory with a click, and as many combinations as you want, imagine for example a poster of your birthday with all the photos that your friends made and automatically.

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