Terms of use


In compliance with the duty of information contained in article 10 of Law 34/2002, of July 11, Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce, the following data is reflected below: the domain owner web is WEEVENTO, which is responsible for Salvador Sánchez Fernández, with address for these purposes at Calle Marqués de Valdavia  99C, 1ºB, Alcobendas, Madrid. Contact email: soporte@weevento.com.

Likewise, in compliance with the provisions of Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, on the Protection of Personal Data, we inform you that all the data you provide us, voluntarily, will be stored in files registered with the Spanish Agency for Protection of Data and whose responsible is the one outlined above, who guarantees that all the security measures established by law for the protection of the supplied data are complied with, you are responsible for the veracity of these. Any user may exercise their right of access, cancellation, rectification or opposition, by mail or email at the addresses listed in the previous paragraph, respectively.


Welcome to Weevento. Weevento (“Wevento”, “we”, “us”, “our”) offers you a service to create a digital event (“We”, “We” event), give access to the people you choose and share Multimedia files and comments among all the participants in a quick and easy way. It will also allow you to create instantly and at any time a memory with the photos and comments that you have selected. You select the expiration of your event. Once the event expires, the photos and texts shared in the event will be deleted but you will still have the memories you have generated available.

Remember that an event can be everything you decide, any experience you share with more people can become a We event. What are you waiting for? Create your We event, share it with your friends (or with whom you decide) and remember it!

In this Privacy Policy we refer to the Weevento Service or the We and the We event. These terms are defined in our Terms and conditions of use.

By registering or otherwise using the service, websites and software applications of Weevento (collectively, the “Weevento service” or the “Service”) or by accessing any content or material that Weevento publishes through the Service ( the “Content”), is entering into a binding contract with Weevento which will be subject to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy set forth herein,



The type of information that we will keep is:

  • Information about your registration. When you register in a Weevento account we will register the following information: user, password and email. You will also be allowed to register through your Facebook or Google account, in these cases we will only store your username, first name, last name and email.
  • User information Events created and information published in them by you or by your guests to that event, such as: multimedia files, comments, chats and other user content.
  •  Information related to the service. Communications that we can keep with you regarding the service, restoration of the password, confirmation that the account is still active, notifications of new versions, technical and security notices. In this sense, acceptance of receiving service emails will be mandatory.
  • Cookies and similar technologies: Cookies and similar technologies: By visiting the Service, we can use cookies and similar technologies, such as pixels, web signals and local storage to collect information on how you use Weevento and offer you benefits. There is more information available on WHAT ARE COOKIES
  • Analysis information. We use third-party analysis tools that help us measure traffic and service usage trends. These tools collect the information that your device or our Service has sent, including the web pages you visit, the add-ons and other information that helps us improve the Service. We collect and use this analysis information in a general way for all users, so no specific user is identified.


The information that each user gives us voluntarily, may be used in addition to the uses described above, for the following:

  • Help you access the information effectively after registering
  • Remember the information, so you do not have to re-enter it during your visit or the next time you use the Service
  • Offer, improve, test and control the effectiveness of our Service
  • Develop and test new products and functions
  • Monitor metrics, such as the total number of visitors, traffic
  • Diagnose or solve technological problems
  • Automatically update the Weevento app on your device


In compliance with the Organic Law 15/1999 of December 13, Protection of Personal Data, Weevento will not rent or sell the information you provide to third parties without your consent, except in the terms set out in this Policy:

  • The information or user content that you publish in an event We will automatically become public for the participants of the event that can download this information or publish it in other social networks. Weevento will not be responsible for the use made of any data, comments, or any multimedia content, that is published outside Weevento by any user.
  • Depending on the degree of trust that the administrator selects for the We event, the publications that the participants of the event disclose will be published automatically or require a prior validation. This validation will be the responsibility of the administrator himself or of the person assigned as Wever (person responsible for validating the information published in the event as well as managing and configuring the event).
  • Each event will have a name and access code and only participants who have such a key will be able to access it, so the administrator can limit the access of third parties to the event.
  • As administrator of the events that you believe in Weevento you will be responsible for giving the key to access an event to those people you want to invite. If you think that you are accessing unwanted people you can block access to the event, changing the password or blocking access to the event through the option to configure the event.
  • If you delete information from an event, that Event Content will be automatically deleted and there will be no record of it on the Weevento servers. Only the memories that you have generated for that We event will be available.
  • Each event will have an expiration date that once exceeded will suppose the elimination of all the user content associated with that event, leaving only the memories associated with that We that you have generated as a participant.
  • After the deactivation of the event your user content may be maintained for a reasonable period of time in commercial terms, backup / archive or audit.
  • In the event that we sell or transfer part or all of Weevento’s control or our assets to another company all the information collected, as well as your name and email address, User Content and any other information collected through the Service It can be part of the sale or transfer. In that case, the User Content will continue to belong to you. The buyer or recipient of the transfer will have to respect the commitments agreed in this Privacy Policy.


  • The information will be hosted in the cloud, on servers located in national territory, which comply with the current data protection regulations. To said information only the user and Weevento will have access to the cases in which they have to perform any maintenance action, or security of their services.
  • At Weevento we take reasonable business protection measures to maintain the security of the information collected on the Service and we follow the necessary and reasonable steps to identify your identity before allowing access to your account (such as requesting an access password). However, the user is responsible for guarding their access data, Weevento can not guarantee the security of the information published in Weevento, nor can it be accessed, disclosed, modified or destroyed by third parties through the fraudulent use of the access data of a registered user.
  • Help us to maintain the security of the information published in Weevento. You are responsible for keeping the access password and account information secret. As well as validating the participants to whom you give access to each event. Keep under control also the emails that you send or receive from Weevento.


  • Update your account at any time by logging in.
  • You can also disable the sending of notifications that we send you from Weevento to your email address by clicking on the link provided at the end of the notification or by sending an email to the following address soporte@weevento.com
  • You can disable the emergent notifications in your mobile by accessing the configuration option once you register in the application.
  • To cancel your user account in Weevento, send us an email soporte@weevento.com and fill in the information that we will request.



  • If you purchase a We event or package of events or make any other purchase through our Service, the payment processors we work with may collect and store your credit or debit card information (such as the type of card and the expiration date), in addition to other financial information we need to process your payment.
  • If you need us to issue an invoice, Weevento may have to collect and store additional information, such as your name, date of birth and telephone number, and deliver this information to the payment processors with whom we work to issue the invoice in order to perform credit checks and send you the invoice.



We are committed to protecting the information of our users. As your password protects your user account, you should use a unique and secure password, limit access to your computer and browser, and log out after using the Weevento service. Although we implement measures to protect the data, no measure is totally secure, and we do not guarantee the security of the user’s information.


Weevento does not allow access to the service, does not solicit, nor consciously stores information about children under 14 years of age.

The service and content of Weevento is not allowed for children under 14 years of age. If we identify that we have received information from a child under 14 years of age without parental authorization or from their legal guardian, we will proceed to delete the information as quickly as possible.

If you identify that we have registered information about a minor, notify us by sending an email to denuncias@weevento.com


If any user is aware that someone has uploaded a photo or any multimedia content, to an event where you appear without your consent and you want it removed, notify us by sending an email to denuncias@weevento.com


Weevento will not be responsible for any type of information or User Content that you post on other websites or third-party applications.  Also, Weevento is not responsible and can not control the use, viewing or participation of User Content, made by third parties to which a registered user allows access to such information with your account.


Send us an email to soporte@weevento.com to contact us and send us any questions about this Privacy Policy or about the Service.
You also have at your service the help information in the Help Option on the website weevento.com or directly when you register for the Service.


Weevento may modify the privacy policy at any time. Your use of Weevento after this modification will imply your acceptance of such modification.


Basic conditions

  1. You must be over 14 years of age to use the Service in its free mode. To register for a paid subscription, you must be over 18, or over 14 and have the consent of the parent or guardian (the parent / guardian signs the contract on your behalf).
  2. You can not post photos or other content that shows violent images, full nuances or partial, discriminatory, illegal, transgressive, tasteless, pornographic, sexual content, illegal, or that damage any right of users, through the Service. The publication that you make of photos, videos or any multimedia content in which they appear under 14 years old must have the consent of the parents or guardian of the minor, if not, it will be your responsibility.
  3. You must not defame, harass, intimidate, abuse, harass, threaten, or pose as other people or entities, and you must not publish private or personal information of another person without their express consent, in accordance with Organic Law 15/1999 of December 13, Protection of Personal Data (hereinafter, the “LOPD”)
  4. You are responsible for the activities that are carried out through your account and you agree not to sell, transfer, assign your account, username or information about the participants in your events or the rights of your account. Your account will be for individual use and you agree to provide true, accurate, current and complete information during registration or at any other time when necessary. Also, you agree to keep your registration information updated to maintain its accuracy and accuracy.
  5. You agree not to request, collect or use the login credentials of other Weevento users.
  6. You have the responsibility to keep the password secret and safe.
  7. You may not use the Service for any unauthorized or illegal purpose. You agree to comply with all laws, rules and regulations applicable to your use of the Service and your Content (as defined below), including without limitation, copyright laws.
  8. You are solely responsible for your conduct and data, text, files, information, user names, images, graphics, photos, profiles, audio and video clips, sounds, musical works, authorship work, applications, links and other Content or materials (collectively referred to as “Content”) that you submit, post or display on Weevento or through it.
  9. You must not change, modify, adapt or alter the Service, or change, modify or alter another website so that it is wrongly inferred that you are associated with the Service or Weevento.
  10. You must not use domain names or web URLs in your username without the prior written consent of Weevento.
  11. You must not harm or interfere with the Service or the servers or networks connected to the Service, including the transmission of worms, viruses, spyware, malicious software or any other code of a destructive or harmful nature. You may not insert content or code, or alter or interfere with the manner in which any Weevento page is displayed or displayed on a browser or user device.
  12. You must not create user accounts on the Service through unauthorized means, including without limitation, the use of automated devices, scripts, robots, trackers, spiders or scrapers.
  13. You must not attempt to restrict the use or enjoyment of the Service to another user and you must not encourage or facilitate infractions of these Terms of Use or any other Weevento condition.
  14. Violation of these Terms of Use may result in the closure of your Weevento account, which is at the sole discretion of Weevento.
  15. You understand and accept that Weevento can not and will not be responsible for the Content published on the Service and will use the Service at your own risk. If you violate these Terms of Use we may stop providing you with all or part of the Service.

General conditions

  1. We reserve the right to modify or terminate the Service or access it for any reason, without prior notice, at any time and without any liability to you. You can deactivate your Weevento account by sending an email to soporte@weeento.com . If we stop providing you access to the Service or request the deactivation of your account all your User Content will become inaccessible from your account and by all the participants that you have associated with your We events, all the generated memories will also be unavailable.
  2. After the deactivation of the account, all the licenses and other rights that were granted to you in these Conditions of use will cease immediately.
  3. It is at our sole discretion to reserve the right to change these Terms of Use (“Updated Terms”) periodically. Unless we make a change for legal or administrative reasons, we will notify you of the entry into force of the updated Conditions with reasonable notice. You agree that we may notify such updated Conditions by posting them on the Service and that your use of the Service after the effective date of the updated Terms (or participation in other conduct that we reasonably specify) constitutes your acceptance of the updated conditions. Therefore, you should review these Terms of Use and any updated Conditions before using the Service. The updated Conditions will come into force from the moment they are published, or at a later date that can be specified in them, and will apply to the use you make of the Service as of that moment. Conflicts that arise before the date of entry into force of the updated Conditions will be subject to the Conditions of use in force on the date on which it occurs or becomes known.
  4. We reserve the right not to allow access to the Service to any person, for whatever reason and at any time.
  5. We reserve the right to block or delete a user account, for any reason for which the managers of Weevento understand that it is making an improper use of our services, or is causing harm to any user, or in the case of the occurrence of complaints from other users for fraudulent, illegal or improper use of this service.
  6. Although we are not obligated, we may delete, edit, block and / or monitor the Content or the accounts that include Content, provided that we determine, in our sole discretion, that they violate these Terms of Use, or contravene any legal provision.
  7. You are the only responsible for the interaction you establish with other users of the Service. You agree that Weevento is not responsible for the behavior of users. Although not required, Weevento reserves the right to monitor or engage in disputes that you maintain with other users, including the right to delete any content that lesser any rights of another user, and if such content could constitute a legal wrongdoing, will inform the relevant authorities, taking the necessary legal measures. Act with common sense and use your best judgment when interacting with other users, even when you send or post Content or any type of personal or other information.
  8. Weevento will not be responsible for the information that a user shares, uploads or publishes in another platform, service, application or web, owned by a third party. Said information once published, shared or uploaded in another platform, web, service, application, web, or any type of Social network, will be governed by the conditions of use and privacy of this, exonerating of any responsibility over it to weevento. You expressly acknowledge and agree that Weevento is not responsible in any way for the services or functions of these third parties. THE CORRESPONDENCE AND COMMERCIAL AGREEMENTS WITH THIRD PARTIES THAT ARE PRODUCED THROUGH THE SERVICE ARE BETWEEN YOU AND THAT THIRD PARTY. You may, at your sole and absolute discretion and under your own responsibility, choose to use applications that connect the Service or the profile on the Service with a third party service (hereinafter, “Application”) and such Application may interact with the Service profile , connect to this or collect and / or extract and enter information in that profile. If you use an Application to share information: (i) you consent to the sharing of information about your profile in the Service; (ii) your use of it may cause personally identifiable information to be publicly disclosed or associated with you, even if Weevento has not provided such information on its own, and (iii) your use of an Application should be exercised under your criteria and responsibility.
  9. There may be links in images or comments of the Content to websites or functions of third parties that we do not control, maintain or endorse. Weevento may also have interactions with a website or a third-party function that connects the Service or your profile with a website or function, for example, a feature that allows you to share your Content in Weevento with a third party, which can be done public in that third-party application. The use of this functionality usually requires that you log in to your third-party service account and that you do so at your own risk. Weevento does not control any of these third-party web services, nor any of its contents.
  10. You agree that you are responsible for the data charges you incur while using the Service.
  11. It is prohibited the tracking, scraping, caching or access to any content in the Service through automated means, including without limitation, user profiles and photos (except if they may be the result of standard search engine protocols or of technologies used by a search engine with the express consent of Weevento).

Our services

Weevento offers publication of multimedia files and texts and other streaming content in real time. Certain services in Weevento are free. But for other services you must pay before using them. The Weevento services that you can access after making a payment are currently called We one, We five and We subscribe (all of them Weevento payment services). Other payment services that are offered are the extensions of participants, expiration and size in the cloud. For more information about our services, visit our website weevento.com

Codes and other prepaid offers

If you have purchased or received a code, gift card, prepaid offer, or other offer provided or sold by or on behalf of Weevento to access a Weevento payment service (“Code”), the additional terms and conditions may apply. You have been presented with the Code to access the Service, which you agree to comply with.

Payments, cancellations and reflection period

The Weevento payment services can be purchased directly from the Weevento mobile application or from the Weevento.com website.

When you sign up for a free Weevento service, you authorize us to give you access to the Weevento service immediately.

Once the subscription payment has been made, a cancellation or refund of the amount paid can not be requested.

Weevento offers you different services depending on the number of guests to the event and the length of time you want to assign to your event. Check the rates available in Weevento.com or in the mobile application.


  1. The User grants Weevento a fully paid license, without author’s rights, non-exclusive, transferable, with the possibility of being suborned and globally applicable to use the Content that you post on the Service or through it, in accordance with the Service’s Privacy Policy , including without limitation, sections 3 (“Sharing your information”), 4 (“How we keep your information”). You can choose which people can see your Content and activities, including photos, as described in the Privacy Policy.
  2. The content that you share, with the other users of the event, may be shared by these in other social networks, without this supposes the loss of 100% of the rights granted to Weevento, at the moment you share, freely and consciously said Content.
  3. You guarantee that: (i) That the Content you publish does not infringe any copyright of third parties, or that you have the owner’s license for its use and publication, complying with the provisions of these Conditions of (ii) the publication and use of your Content on the Service or through it does not infringe, abuse or infringe the rights of third parties, including without limitation, the rights of privacy, publicity, author, trademark or other intellectual property rights; (iii) you agree to pay all copyrights, fees and any other amounts due as a result of Content posted on or through the Service, and (iv) you have the right and legal capacity to comply with these Terms of Use on your jurisdiction.
  4. The Service includes content licensed or owned by Weevento (“Weevento Content”). The Weevento Content is protected by copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret, among others, and both you and Weevento agree that Weevento owns and retains all rights to the Weevento Content and the Service. You will not eliminate, modify or conceal any copyright, trademark, service mark or other property right incorporated in or accompanying the Weevento Content, nor will you reproduce, modify, adapt or prepare derivative works that are based on in the realization, display, publication, distribution, transmission, retransmission, sale, license or exploitation of the Weevento Content.
  5. The name Weevento and its logo are trademarks of Weevento and may not be copied, imitated or used, in whole or in part, without the prior written permission of Weevento. In addition, all page headers, custom graphics, button icons and scripts are service marks, trademarks and / or commercial image of Weevento, and may not be copied, imitated or used, in whole or in part, without the prior written permission of Weevento.
  6. Although the purpose of Weevento is to make the Service as available as possible, there will be occasions when the Service can be interrupted, including without limitation, for maintenance or planned updates, emergency repairs or due to a failure of the Service. telecommunications links and / or equipment. Likewise, Weevento reserves the right to remove any Content from the Service for any reason, without prior notice. Weevento may store the Content removed from the Service, including without limitation, to comply with certain legal obligations, but can not be recovered without a court order or the competent authority. As a result, Weevento strongly recommends that you maintain a backup copy of your Content. In other words, Weevento is not a backup service and you agree that you will not use the Service for storage or backup purposes of the Content. Weevento will not be responsible for the modification, suspension or interruption of the Services or the loss of any Content. You also acknowledge that the internet may be subject to security breaches and that sending Content or other information may not be secure.
  7. You agree that Weevento is not responsible or endorses the Content published on the Service. Weevento has no obligation to protect, monitor, edit or delete any Content. If the Content violates these Terms of Use or any other legal provision, the legal responsibility for such Content will be exclusively yours
  8. Unless otherwise described in the Service’s Privacy Policy, as stipulated between you and Weevento, no Content will be confidential or proprietary and we will not be responsible for the use or disclosure of this. You acknowledge and agree that your relationship with Weevento is not confidential, fiduciary or special in any way and that your decision to send any type of Content does not cause Weevento to play a special role different from that performed by other users at a general level, even in what Regarding your Content. No part of your Content will be subject to any obligation of confidence on the part of Weevento, and Weevento will not be responsible for any use or disclosure of the Content you provide.
  9. Weevento has as a rule not to accept or take into consideration content, information, ideas, suggestions or other materials that are not specifically requested and to which specific terms, conditions and requirements may apply. This is done to avoid misunderstandings if your ideas resemble those we have developed or are developing on our own. Consequently, Weevento does not accept unsolicited materials or ideas, and is not responsible for the materials or ideas thus transmitted. If, despite what our policy stipulates, you decide to send us content, information, ideas, suggestions or other materials, you agree that Weevento is free to use any content, information, ideas, suggestions or other materials mentioned for any purpose, including without limitation, the products and services of development and marketing without expecting any responsibility or payment of any kind on your part.

Reporting of copyright and other infringements of intellectual property

  1. We respect other people’s rights and we expect you to do the same.
  2.  We provide you with the necessary tools to help you protect your intellectual property rights. You can report any infraction of this type that you identify by sending an email to denuncias@weevento.com
  3. If you repeatedly infringe the intellectual property rights of another person, we will deactivate your account if appropriate.


The service, including without limitation, the Weevento content is provided “as is”, “as available” and “with all faults”. Within the scope permitted by law, neither Weevento, nor any of its employees manifest, or offer any warranty or approval of any kind, express or implied, with respect to: (a) service; (b) Weevento content; (c) user content; or (d) the security associated with the transmission of information to Weevento or through the service. Furthermore, the Weevento parties disclaim all liability, express or implied, including, without limitation, warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement, title, costume, transaction, pacific possession, integration of the system and absence of computer viruses.

Weevento does not guarantee that the service will be uninterrupted or error-free; that the defects will be corrected; or that the service or server that allows that the service is available does not contain harmful components, including without limitation, the viruses. Weevento does not manifest, nor do you guarantee that the information (including any instruction) about the service is accurate, complete or useful. You accept that your use of this service is under your responsibility. The Weevento parties do not warrant that the use of the service is legal in any specific jurisdiction, and the Weevento parties specifically disclaim such responsibility. Some jurisdictions limit or do not allow the disclaimer of any implied or other liability,  so that the previous liability disclaimer is not applied in your case if the law of such jurisdiction applies to your case and affects these conditions of use.

By using or accessing the service, manifest and guarantees that the activities that you perform are legal in all the jurisdictions in which you access or use the service.

Weevento does not warrant the content and shall not be liable for any person or entity, whether the type of loss, damage, or injury caused by any content

Limitation of liability; exemption

Under no circumstances shall Weevento’s responsible be liable for any loss or damage or damage of any kind (including, without limitation, direct, indirect, economic, exemplary, special, punitive, incidental or consequential damages or losses) keep direct or indirect relationship with: (a) the service; (b) the Weevento content; (c) the user content; (d) the use, the inability to use or the performance of the service; (e) any action taken in connection with an investigation performed by the Weevento parties or competent agencies regarding the use of the service by you or any other party; (f) any action to be carried out with respect to the holders of the intellectual property or author’s right; (g) any errors or omissions in the operation of the service; or (h) any damage to the computer, mobile device, or other user equipment or technology, including without limitation, damages caused by breach of a security measure or by any virus, error, handling, fraud, omission, interruption, defect , delay in the operation or transmission, failure of the network or computer line, or any other failure, including without limitation, the damages caused by loss of profits, of professional prestige, of data, labor stop, precision of the results or fault or computer failure, even if they are predictable cases or if the Weevento parties have been advised or informed of the possibility of such damages, whether through an action arising from a contract, negligence, strict liability or harm (including, without limitation, the cases which, in its entirety or partly, are derived from negligence, natural causes, failure in telecommunications or theft or destruction of the service). In no event will the Weevento parties be liable to you or to any other person for any loss, damage, or injury .

Weevento is not responsible for the actions, content, information or data of third parties and we are already dispense to us, our directors, employees and agents of any demand or damage, known or unknown, arising from or in any way related to with any claim that you have interpose against such third parties.

Liability exemption

Weevento may claim through the courts or any other way legally established for it, any damage or harm caused by the improper use of our service by a user, although those damages derive from a judicial proceeding, in which Weevento is not a party, such damages may arise from any of the following assumptions or related to them in some way (including as a result of direct activities on the Service or those that you have made on your own): (i) the Content of your property or access or use of the Service by you; (ii) the breach or alleged breach by you of these Conditions of use; (iii) the infringement by you of the right of a third party, including without limitation the rights of intellectual property, publicity, confidentiality, property or privacy; (iv) your breach of any legal precept, or court order, or other competent authority, or (v) any false statement made by you.


For any litigious issue or issue that concerns Weevento, the parties expressly waive their own jurisdiction, voluntarily submit themselves to Spanish legislation, being competent for the resolution of all disputes arising or related to the Courts and Tribunals of Madrid (Spain) and in its case if the parties so agree the competent Arbitration Courts.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, the parties agree to try to resolve amicably any doubt or disagreement that may arise between them, prior to the initiation of legal proceedings, so that in any case such attempt to resolve disputes is irrefutably recorded.

Legislation in force and jurisdiction

These Terms of Use shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Spanish legislation 34/2002 of July 11, Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce (LSSICE). In the event of a dispute between Weevento and the User, the latter may only bring an action before the Spanish courts corresponding to the Weevento address.