For shows: on the street, in an enclosure, as artists or as an audience

Get an unforgettable memory with all the photos and notes that have been shared during the show, how? In an album, collage or a personalized video that Weevento will generate for you.

You will have it in the memory history associated with your Weevento account.

Can you imagine being able to get the photos of all the public and the artists themselves from all angles? To make that day unforgettable, choose the moments you want, and generate a personalized memory with just one click.

How does it work


1. Generate an event and notify guests


Generate a We event through the App or the web


Personalize it and choose if you want your Wevers, they will be your reference administrators



Activate the We and notify the guests



2. Share photos, notes, ... and generate your memories



Guests access and share photos, notes, comments, ...



Depending on the degree of confidence you choose, the moments are displayed in real time or will be validated first by the reference administrators (the Wevers)



Choose your favorite moments, the format and ... generate your memories!