FAQS Weevento

What is a Weevento?
A Weevento, also called We, is an event in the cloud where guests can upload photos or notes, before, during or after that event, and with that content shared by all, you can generate personalized memories.
How do I access a We?
Through the Weevento App or the Weevento.com Web, you can access with a name and password of the event, or with the direct invitation link that you have received.
When do I see what I upload to the We?
Depending on the degree of trust that the administrator chooses, it will be displayed in real time if it is high or after the validation of that We’s reference administrators if the confidence level is low.
Is my personal information shared?
Personal data of the guests are not shared. Every guest chooses his photo and his name for every We or by default it will be the photo and name associated with his user account.
Can I talk to any guest?
Yes, privately, through a chat. It is a communication channel between organizers and guests in the We, one by one, or among several at the same time.
Who generates the memories?
You can generate your own personalized memories, and as many combinations as you want with the content that you and the rest of the participants have shared.
Can I share the events?
The administrator decides the level of privacy, allowing participants to share or not the We with other social networks.