To organize a trade fair: connect attendees, organizers, stands, speakers and exhibitors

No matter the size, participating in a fair will be very simple, if you can not speak in person with an exhibitor, locate it in the App, and chat with them privately. Each guest is identified with a label and a brief description.

Do not miss any important news published by the organizers.

In a fair, where companies or entities expose your products, Weevento can help you in the organization and as a communication channel, between organizers, participants and audience.

How does it work


1. Generate an event and notify guests


Generate a We event through the App or the web


Personalize it and choose if you want your Wevers, they will be your reference administrators



Activate the We and notify the guests



2. Share photos, notes, ... and generate your memories



Guests access and share photos, notes, comments, ...



Depending on the degree of confidence you choose, the moments are displayed in real time or will be validated first by the reference administrators (the Wevers)



Choose your favorite moments, the format and ... generate your memories!